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Children can never be held accountable for their parents actions. When will they be brought home?

Sweden is now taking home children and women who are Swedish citizens 

If you have not been visited by the Foreign Ministry's consular delegation, you need to identify yourself as a Swedish citizen
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About Repatriate the Children

We condemn ISIS ideology, acts and everything that is linked to violent extremism. Children must be protected from indoctrination and radicalization to violent extremist movements and environments. Children have the right to life, survival and development. All foreign governments need to take responsibility for their citizens and repatriate children, women, and men.

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What we do

Repatriate the Children's function is to support, advise and provide knowledge for relatives of children, for Swedish municipalities and other public sector authorities, for politicians and decision-makers, for non-profit organizations and for the media. We also work with the reception and re-integration of families that have been brought home. The main goal is that no child shall grow up in armed conflict, or have their childhood influenced by violent extremism.


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We call upon Swedish decision makers to act immediately


Some 25 Swedish children live under disastrous humanitarian conditions in detention camps in Northeast Syria. All Swedish children must be brought home under controlled protocols to safety and security in Sweden. This must be done with an organized reception that takes into account the children's needs and creates conditions for rehabilitation and integration. The best interest of the child must be prioritized. We are ready to assist and we expect the Swedish government to be ready to assume its own responsibility.


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Sweden can and must contribute to peace and reconciliation

National governments have the responsibility and opportunity to protect innocent children from becoming the next generation of Salafi-jihadists.

Start your own Repatriate the Children organization in your country

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statues and action plan. Each entity is independent but with international collaboration.

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